How to install or update MSFS addons

Installing our third-party add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator differs depending on your platform and purchase location. Here we outline how to install them for every setup.

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MaccoSim Website

Download & Install

  1. Login and head to your account page
  2. Select the 'Downloads' tab
  3. Click the download button
    A compressed  .zip file is downloaded. You will need a program like WinRar to extract the compressed files
  4. Open the .zip file and locate the folder named ‘macco-xxxx
  5. Extract and place the folder into your Microsoft Flight Simulator Community Folder
    How do I find my community folder?
  6. Start the sim and the installed addon will be available


Same process as Downloading and Installing.
Make sure you delete the existing add-on file in your community folder before adding the newly downloaded one.

MaccoSim App

Download & Install

  1. Download the MaccoSim App
  2. Log in, and click on the add-on you want to download (in the left sidebar)
  3. Click the download button
    The app will then start the download.

Once the add-on is downloaded, the app will automatically extract the file into your community folder.

If you have changed where you hold your MSFS community add-ons, you can go to settings, and update the community folder path


Of there is an update, the app will show an update icon next to the addon in the sidebar.

  1. Click on the add-on which has an update
  2. Click on the 'Update' button.

The update will download and complete.


Contrail has many features and is always being updated, therefore we strongly recommend looking through their Tutorials to learn how to download, install and update your addons.

Access the Contrail Support Portal

Note that any purchases made through can be managed via Contrail.
This is possible via a connection between MaccoSim and Contrail stores.

In-game Marketplace (PC & Xbox)

To install, head to your purchased add-ons in the simulators menu.

From there, you will see your purchased items, and can install and update them as you wish.

Please note that products purchased on the Microsoft Marketplace are managed by Microsoft.
We have no way to view or manage your purchases via the Marketplace.
Add-ons purchased though the Marketplace are non-transferable, meaning we cannot move your purchase to MaccoSim or Contrail.

If you are having issues with the marketplace, please contact Microsoft directly.