FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions, ranging from order and account queries, to questions about add-on compatibility in MSFS.

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How do I download my purchased add-ons?

There are 2 places to view and download your purchased add-ons:

Via your online account
- Login and click head to your account
- Select the 'Downloads' tab
- Download your products

Via the desktop Macco App
- Download the app if you haven't already
- Log in, and you will see your purchased add-ons on the left

How do I install/update my purchased add-on?

We have a dedicated page just for this, as it can be different depending on your platform, and where you have purchased our add-ons from.

How to install or update addons

Taxiway is bumpy!

This is caused by another third-party add-on/mod conflicting with ours.

The following third-party add-ons have been reported as ones which can cause conflicts in certain situations:

  • [FSDT] GSX
  • [Just Flight] Real Taxiway Signs
  • [Other] Any add-on which is close to the airport, such as EGCC approach enhancement.
    These add-ons can change the terrain around them and hence affect the airport

Refer to our Troubleshooting Guide for help on how to figure out the issue

Missing Jetways

There have been a few times when a Simulator update has caused jetways at airports to not load in, but we have not seen many of these issues reported recently.

Are only some of your jetways at EGBB or EGCC missing?
What about jetways at EGBB which are on the ground?

Our airports are modelled based on real life, and therefore some things in the airport may look odd. Rest assured, both EGCC and EGBB have jetways which are decommissioned and has been fully lowered to rest on the ground.
Some jetways at EGCC have been removed completely, leaving just a very small section sticking out of the building.
In both cases, these have most likely been removes/decommissioned due to low-budget airlines not wanting to use them.