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EGCC – Manchester Airport

EGCC – Manchester Airport

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The big Manchester V2 overhaul is due to commence development in Feb 2024!
More information below 


Opened in 1938, Manchester Airport is the UK's third busiest, serving over 27 million people each year. With three terminals and two runways, it connects to over 200 places worldwide. 

The airport is undergoing a monumental transformation and modernisation project, bringing added capacity, new terminal buildings and more efficient ground movements.

Current Features of the airport:

  • Custom terrain elevation, bringing the famous hump on runway 23R to life
  • Custom Jetways
  • Hand-crafted ground textures, including repairs and wear and tear
  • Surrounding buildings, including: Radisson Hotel, hangars, warehouses, engine test area, PremiAir, fire training area, the airport pub, car parks.
  • Varied temperature night lighting
  • Immersive utility vehicle flashing lights
  • Custom ground textures, with over 7 layers of materials, painted lines, and weathering/dirt.
  • Accurate taxiway signs based on ground movement charts


UPDATE - 01-08-2023

Over the last year, we have had the great pleasure to liaise with the team at MAG, who are allowing us to visit the airfield in August. We will be spending the day airside, taking reference images, videos, gathering photogrammetry, and getting up close to places where most don't get to go! 
This will allow us to put an incredible amount of detail into the airport, and bring the airport up to 2024 standards.

Once we have all the reference imagery we require, we will be planning the updates. 
Updates will be released regularly rather than 1 large update. We will be updating our blog much like we did with the initial releases of the airport back in 2020!
If you want to keep up to date with every update, join our Discord:

Some of the things to expect in the updates:

  • Custom satellite imagery throughout the entire airport and surrounding areas
  • New ground textures, making use of PBR, adding more detail, edges, repairs, weathering, and more accuracy
  • More custom Jetway variations
  • Land-side ground textures (materials, painted lines, roads, car parks etc).
  • Long stay car parks with custom vehicle models
  • Full optimization of every 3D object and building. 5 LODs (levels of detail) for a much better performance
  • Addition of new multi-storey carparks
  • Full re-modelling and re-texturing of all terminals
  • Full re-modelling and re-texturing of ATC tower, STS (formerly Thomas Cook) hangar, fire station, hotels, Signature.
  • Addition of Train Station, train tracks, and animated trains
  • Addition of other landside buildings (warehouses, offices, etc)
  • Fully modelled interiors
  • Animated passengers
  • Fully modelled landside
  • Fixing and adding new remote stands (north of airfield)
  • New immersive lighting
  • Major increase in ground-level details (signs, people, dirt, fences, bollards, posts, doors etc)
  • New Fire training area
  • RVP (Runway Visitor Park) to be fully modelled
  • Add-on to have optional 'less ground clutter' version
  • Full AI traffic integration
  • GSX profile to be maintained, and distributed in add-on download
  • New, more immersive night lighting 
  • Smaller objects to be scanned from real world airport object

Current Version: 2.1.5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
István Pintér
Missing landing marks from 05R

Dear Macco Simulations!

Please fix the missing landing marks at runway 05R!

Thank You!

David Jones

Very detailed and well worth the outlay

P Chitkara
Excellent Scenery

Really good scenery with good frame rates with AI on as well. Worth the money.

Gary Austin
Looks really nice and inexpensive too

This was where i grew up, spent lots of time spotting aircraft here. Thanks.

Amazing detail on my home airport

Not too sure if it's been pointed out however the taxi ways are awfully bumpy after updating to this Airport but I'm sure that'll get fixed in time. Still worth the 5 stars though :)