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EGBB - Birmingham Airport

EGBB - Birmingham Airport

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Birmingham Airport (EGBB/BHX) is located 7 nautical miles from Birmingham City in the United Kingdom and is the 7th busiest airport in the country.

Built specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with 4k textures, optimized modelling, accurate taxiways and custom satellite imagery!

BHX is not only an international airport but is also a hub for regional flights within the UK.

Some of the busiest destinations from and to this airport include Germany, Spain, Dubai, Netherlands, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain and not to mention the multitude of regional UK airports.

This airport has unique runway undulations which makes taking off and landing here a treat!

Current Version: 1.1.0

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Leurs
I really like this scenery

It feels/looks very much like the real EGBB. My main disappointment is about the lack of modelling in the area in front of the terminal entrances. I hope that is part of the updating plan for this scenery.

Really fantastic airport

I can't fly from Birmingham without it these days. It's so much more true to life. Excited for the final buildings to be added, any ETA on that please, devs?

This scenery is absolutely fantastic

Especially as I worked there previously, and unbelievable that, as an early access development, more is yet to come! Hoping that realistic AI aircraft software will appear soon so that it can be properly populated.

Ground texture kings!

You are the ground texture KINGS!!! Comparing to EDDM from Aerosoft - Birmingham looks REAL. I will buy whatever you publish. Thanks!

Alex T
Would highly recommend!

Absolutely superb remake of Birmingham which really brings the place to life over the default scenery. It remains a work in progress, but really looking forward to seeing the finished version once the perimeter details are added in at the front of the terminal. Hoping the NEC (which adds much to immediate surrounding area and immersion of the airport) will be included, or at least Birmingam International railway station to enable the AirRail Link to be added. Attention to detail looks superb so far - would highly recommend!