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Over 500+ hours has gone into recreating the famous Manchester airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Newly created models and textures, immersive night lighting, and VATSIM compliant, this airport is a no-brainer for any virtual pilot looking to fly from or to this airport! Regularly updated with new buildings, features, and optimisations!

“This is only the start for this airport…”

Current Release: V2.0.0
Release notes here: EGCC Dev Status

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Manchester Airport Addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020!

Manchester Transformation Programme
As the Transformation programme is underway at Manchester Airport, we will be updating the addon as and when we have more information and reference data.

This airport addon has been developed from nothing. All models, textures, runways, taxiways, approaches, etc, have all been crafted from the ground up. None of the default airport is left…

We have watched over 100 videos from the past few months, of people filming their takeoff and landings at the airport, and vloggers filming the exterior of the terminals so that we can accurately replicate lighting, textures and the latest ground movements such as parking of aircraft, removal of bollards, and construction updates.

It is very important to us that we deliver the most accurate representation of the airport at any given time, and therefore rely on our community to inform us of any changes made to the airport in real life.

This Manchester Airport addon for MSFS2020 will be updated on a regular basis with the latest piers, stands, gates, jetways and terminals, as the airport is also undergoing its ‘Manchester Airport Transformation Programme’. These updates will be free of charge and may include bug fixes and performance improvements.

Addon Features

  • PBR textures created from scratch and used throughout the airport
  • Custom models developed specifically for MSFS2020
  • Accurate and custom night lighting +Additional immersive lighting such flashing lights
  • Accurate taxiways and taxiway signs based on latest charts
  • Accurate approaches and ILS Glide Slopes
  • Runway warning lights
  • Free future updates
  • New terminals as per the real life Manchester Transformation programme
  • Custom Jetways
  • Latest VATSIM compatible taxiways and ground markings

How To Install

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25 reviews for EGCC – Manchester Airport

  1. British Avgeek (verified owner)

    Exceptional detail – you’ve turned what was an awful auto gen for a major UK airport into an MSFS Masterpiece! Thanks!

  2. Clive Rose (verified owner)

    Fantastic job guys, excellent job.

    • Max

      Thank you very much! Just wait until we get close to V1.0.0!

  3. J.A Schmidt (verified owner)

    Wauw ,excellent scenery my destination EGPH changed now to EGCC

    • Max (verified owner)

      Thank you so much! I’m sure you will love it even more after just a few updates!

  4. Christopher Owen (verified owner)

    Unbelievable detail, Job well done guys!

  5. robertyarwood29 (verified owner)

    Vast improvement over the default and getting better which each update. I’m really looking forward to the full release.

  6. liamp51 (verified owner)

    Everything about this scenery is FANTASTIC! You’re putting an established UK scenery developer to shame! I can’t wait to keep supporting your future work.

  7. joseph hodgins (verified owner)

    Excellent work from maccosim. My home airport looks beautiful with high detail. Thank you for your hard work! Team were also very helpful when I had a download issue.

  8. Matty Austin (verified owner)

    looks fantastic

  9. SincereSpeedbird (verified owner)

    This is amazing. Manchester is my local airport and this is a definite upgrade from the default in the sim. It is highly detailed, accurate and to a high quality! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  10. InhumanReactions (verified owner)

    This airport is absolutely incredible. An example to other devs. All of this has been completed by a single person. Outstanding work!

  11. christopher jones (verified owner)

    Fantastic, probably the best add on airport for the Sim AND for it to be updated on regular basis, all for one very low price. Great job guys, I agree it is a must have.

  12. Neal Parry (verified owner)

    Great attention to detail and it performs really well. Well done to MaccoSim 🙂

  13. Emil Rifahi (verified owner)

    Seriously one of the best payware airports for fs2020 right now! Textures look awesome and the nightlighting even better!

  14. benhanson80 (verified owner)

    My local airport, done fantastically. Very happy with my purchase and will be buying again!

  15. Neil Harwood (verified owner)

    I am so happy I purchased this airport, absolutely stunning.

  16. sam rosamond (verified owner)

    Stunning, its been needed since game launch and smashes expectations out of the park!

  17. Gareth Williams (verified owner)

    Love it, It is the Best Airport for MSFS now . Fantastic Job

  18. Daniel Whiteley (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased around 25 payware airports for MSFS so far and this is one of my absolute favourites. I must add I love the free Macco Livery too, very nice looking indeed.

  19. Daniel Welsh (verified owner)

    I have many happy memories operating out of MAN with TCX, however it’s never been done justice in the sim. This changes now, with this stunning scenery. Very reasonable price for such a beautiful scenery with fantastic details. A must have addition to MSFS!

  20. harrisonsheahan500 (verified owner)

    I Have had this airport for a while and have never left a review as I have had this for a while it is amazing to see the progress that has been made on this amazing project keep up the good work!

  21. mats.klakegg (verified owner)

    Fantastic this saved me for going lost on vatsim

  22. pawlikmobile (verified owner)

    You have guys The BEST ground texture ever seen!!! Great job!!!

  23. sgtyork11 (verified owner)

    Absolutely Fantastic. A great scenery addon to replace the awful default airport. Looking forward to updates to come. Keep up the good work

  24. Mike Brunton (verified owner)

    Purchase yesterday (7/5/21) wow just stunning, wish you could do the same for NZ airports.

  25. Paul Williams (verified owner)

    The best payware airport for msfs. The ground textures are the best, the terminals are the best, and the outside areas of the airport are awesome to! I love how maccosim included the visitor park with nice detail!

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