Troubleshoot - GSX Causing Bumpy Terrain, Double Parking Spots & Broken Jetways

One of the causes for elevation issues across any 3rd party airports, is GSX. It works by overwriting parking spots and jetways with its own, however it can't overwrite modified airports; this includes the moved parking spots, custom jetways, and elevation changes that come in custom addons.

When this conflict happens, you'll see sharp bumps on taxiways (and possibly runways), doubled up parking spots in the world map menu, and jetways going through buildings and on top of each other. This can be fixed by excluding GSX's own modifications in its installer, and for a more enhanced experience, adding a custom profile for it to follow, which adds realistic walking routes, handling, and pushbacks. 

All our airports have custom GSX profiles to make the airport more realistic, but there are thousands of other airport GSX profiles for other 3rd party airports!

How to install a GSX profile

  1. Download the desired GSX configuration file.
    EGCC: Download
    EGBB: Download
    MMUN: Download
    Other Airport config files can be found on

  2. Open the FSDT Universal Installer app, find GSX, and click on Config on the right hand side.

  3. Find and select the airport in both of the left-hand-side lists, and use the single arrow [>] to move it to the right-hand-side list. 
    Warning! Clicking the triple arrow [>>>] will move ALL airports
    This will add the airport to the Disabled list, resulting in GSX excluding the airport from it's default behaviour.

  4. Click Apply, and close the FSDT Universal Installer

  5. Navigate to your GSX installation path, and move the downloaded configuration file into the directory. The default installation directory is:
    (C:) > Users > [USERNAME] > AppData > Roaming > virtuali > GSX > MSFS

    Note: If your AppData folder is missing, you will need to enable hidden files.

Still Having Issues?

If you are still encountering issues, even after reading this troubleshooting guide, please get in touch.