Try out one of our ever-growing number of apps to help you during your virtual flights! From Scratchpads, to ATIS Fetchers and METAR decoders.

Our apps are all web-based, so you can use with MSFS2020, X-Plane, P3D and all the rest!

Scratchpad [BETA]

A fully digital scratchpad helping keep information structured and handy! Linked with multiple large databases to help in every possible way!
Great for VATSIM beginners, and also veterans!

Top of Descent

Does your aircraft not have a TOD marker? You can use this tool to not only add a STAR and get the target altitude, but also fetch your current altitude from VATSIM or IVAO!


Get the METAR from any airport across the globe!
Even better for newcomers, as the METAR is broken down into easy-to-read sections!


Get VATSIM, IVAO or FAA ATIS real-time and on demand!

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