EGBB – Dev Shot #2 | Historical Elmdon Terminal building and apron

Changes mentioned in this dev-shot are part of EGBB update: V0.4.0

We have had many from the community contact us and relay their childhood and adult stories in relation to the history Elmdon Terminal Building situated at Birminghams western Elmdon Apron. Stories about planespotting, flying from the terminal, and other amazing stories.

Many requested that this Historic building is done justice in the simulator, and hence, we have spent a full 2 weeks, solely focusing on researching, modelling, texturing and weathering of this building. We thought that this deserves its own very small post, as it sits deeply within peoples memories and lives.

A few other little updates

Runway texture touchup
Elmdon Apron clutter process begun
Elmdon ground markings added
ILS Glide Slope Issue fixed

Elmdon Terminal

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