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Birmingham Airport (EGBB/BHX) is located 7 nautical miles from Birmingham City in the United Kingdom and is the 7th busiest airport in the country.

BHX is not only an international airport but is also a hub for regional flights within the UK.

Some of the busiest destinations from and to this airport include Germany, Spain, Dubai, Netherlands, France, Greece, Ireland, Spain and not to mention the multitude of regional UK airports.

This airport has unique runway undulations which makes taking off and landing here a treat!

Version: V1.0.0 – Uploaded 17/10/2021
Note that there are 2 buildings yet to be added in the drop-off area of the terminal. These will come in a future update.



Birmingham Airport Addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020!

This airport is in early access and is not yet completed. 
Some parts/sections/models are yet to come. If purchased now, you will get all future updates for free!
The price may go up after the airport is our of early access

Birmingham Airport (EGBB), previously known as Elmdon Airport, opened in 1939 with its first flights being to and from Glasgow, Liverpool and Croydon. 
During the second World War, this airport was used as a Royal Airforce Training site until 1949 when British Airways was the first to begin commercial services again to destinations such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Palma and Barcelona.

Currently, EGBB is the seventh busiest airport in the United Kingdom, with it previously being the home to FlyBe who recently went into administration.
The airport boasts a unique runway with multiple dips and humps, which makes watching an Emirates A380 rolling down the runway and amazing sight!


Addon Features

  • PBR textures created from scratch and used throughout the airport
  • Custom Taxi Lines
  • Custom models developed specifically for MSFS2020
  • Accurate and custom night lighting +Additional immersive lighting such flashing lights
  • Accurate approaches and ILS Glide Slopes
  • Runway warning lights (wig-wags)
  • Free future updates
  • Custom Jetways
  • Latest VATSIM compatible taxiways, ground markings and taxiway signs based on latest charts

How To Install

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A lot more will come in future updates! Keep up to date with what is yet to come on our discord server!


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13 reviews for EGBB – Birmingham Airport

  1. Luke Carter

    British Avgeek (verified owner)

    Once again a great scenery thanks to Macco Simulations – really showing what can be done with MSFS with hand made brand new airport scenery. EGBB will be amazing when the Aerosoft CRJ comes. I look forward to the updates too – what’s done so far is incredibly good, I can’t wait to see it updated over time!

  2. Graham Bryan

    graham.bryan1608 (verified owner)

    Macco Simulations have done another outstanding job with EGBB (Birmingham Airport), they have taken a very dull piece of scenery and made it come to life, just like they have with EGCC (Manchester Airport) this is a must buy and keep up the great work guys!

  3. Ben Hanson

    benhanson80 (verified owner)

    Macco Simulations has once again took a shambles of a default scenery and made it into an amazing, bustling airport and this is just the beginning! I cannot wait to see this airport develop.

  4. david mitchell

    davidmitchell1946 (verified owner)

    really great start thanks Macco simulations just hope that the Fire Station can be improved and will be included in any further updates

  5. david mitchell

    davidmitchell1946 (verified owner)

    really enjoying your wonderful EGBB are there any plans to insert the perimeter fence and remove trees covering the landing lights on approach to rwy 15 ?

    • Max R

      Max (verified owner)

      We will indeed! As it is still in early access, there are a few things which are missing still.

  6. Daniel Whiteley

    Daniel Whiteley (verified owner)

    Fantastic addition to the sim, I knew it was going to be good after I downloaded Manchester.

  7. Daniel Welsh

    Daniel Welsh (verified owner)

    After purchasing MAN and been so impressed, I had to also get BHX to try out. I operated a few times out of BHX and once again you guys are doing a fantastic job in re-creating this airport. Great job!

  8. Nicholas Cox

    Nicholas Cox (verified owner)

    Great progress has been made in giving us a very realistic looking EGBB, with further development promised. It’s a huge undertaking with further details to add but I have patience enough!

  9. Alex Totney

    Alex T (verified owner)

    Absolutely superb remake of Birmingham which really brings the place to life over the default scenery. It remains a work in progress, but really looking forward to seeing the finished version once the perimeter details are added in at the front of the terminal. Hoping the NEC (which adds much to immediate surrounding area and immersion of the airport) will be included, or at least Birmingam International railway station to enable the AirRail Link to be added. Attention to detail looks superb so far – would highly recommend!

  10. Marek Pawlik

    pawlikmobile (verified owner)

    You are the ground texture KINGS!!! Comparing to EDDM from Aerosoft – Birmingham looks REAL. I will buy whatever you publish. Thanks!

  11. Glenn Arnold

    glenjarnold (verified owner)

    This scenery is absolutely fantastic – especially as I worked there previously, and unbelievable that, as an early access development, more is yet to come! Hoping that realistic AI aircraft software will appear soon so that it can be properly populated.

  12. Mr Matthew T Gribble

    gribbstar (verified owner)

    Really fantastic airport, I can’t fly from Birmingham without it these days. It’s so much more true to life.
    Excited for the final buildings to be added, any ETA on that please, devs?

  13. Robert Leurs

    Robert Leurs (verified owner)

    I really like this scenery. It feels/looks very much like the real EGBB. My main disappointment is about the lack of modelling in the area in front of the terminal entrances. I hope that is part of the updating plan for this scenery.

    • Max R

      Max (verified owner)

      We will be revisiting both EGBB and EGCC after we release our latest airport 🙂

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